Rivalda Ceramic Tiles

Hardwood / Laminate.

Hardwood flooring has a timeless appeal. The gorgeous depth of solid oak, the warmness of cherry and the natural variations of Brazilian hardwoods each offer unique advantages, but all fine hardwoods are both practical and gorgeous.


Rivalda Tiles offers fine wood products from some of the best manufacturers in Canada and more than 20 other countries. At our expansive 18,000 square foot showroom, you can choose from cherry, oak, bamboo and other materials. Our large selection of finishes and treatment options makes it easy to choose hardwoods that fit well with your home and lifestyle.

We maintain strict quality controls on all of our products. Our staff members know the benefits and drawbacks of different hardwoods and can help you make the right selection.


We also carry laminates for a practical, affordable alternative to natural hardwoods. Laminate flooring can simulate the look and feel of expensive wood, and Rivalda Tiles carries laminate flooring in dozens of styles and colors.

High-quality hardwood or laminate floors are an excellent investment.

For more information regarding our selection of hardwoods and laminates, call us today at (905) 738-7100.