Rivalda Ceramic Tiles


Marble is effortlessly sophisticated and an appropriate choice for both traditional and contemporary homes. The flowing textures and slight colour variations of high-quality marble can instantly transform a room, providing a unique touch that is impossible to replicate with inferior materials.

High-quality materials.

At Rivalda Tiles, we appreciate the look and feel of well-cut marble. Our goal is to help our customers find high-quality materials for any project, and our expansive selection of marble gives you an easy way to start designing interior and exterior renovations.

Outfit a bathroom with dark marble to provide a sophisticated contrast for your shower or bathtub. Use a line of marble to highlight a foyer wall or give your kitchen a much-needed upgrade. Regardless of the size of your project, Rivalda’s excellent selection makes planning easy. We offer refined, natural stones from manufacturers in more than 20 countries to practically give you an unlimited number of options.

Let the experts at Rivalda Tiles help you plan your project. Our experienced staff can help you find the perfect marble materials for home renovations, new buildings and contracted jobs.

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