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A well-designed vanity acts as the centerpiece for your bathroom while serving an important practical purpose. There are few pieces of furniture as important to the overall style and aesthetic of your home.

High-quality vanities.

When choosing a vanity, you will need to consider available space, practicality, material options, colours and your renovation budget. Finding the perfect piece can take some time.

With Rivalda Tiles’ large selection of high-quality vanities, you can easily find a beautiful focal point for your bathroom. Our 18,000 square foot showroom features imported and domestic vanities from some of the world’s top manufacturers, and our strict quality control procedures ensure that every vanity features tremendous craftsmanship and gorgeous, high-quality materials.

We offer vanities in traditional, modern and contemporary styles with virtually limitless colour and material options. Whether you want a small piece that adds a sense of depth to a small bathroom or a larger vanity for a master bath, Rivalda Tiles’ helpful staff can help you understand your options and make an appropriate selection.

For more information or to check the availability of a specific type of vanity, call (905) 738-7100 .